About Apex Custom Software

Apex Custom Software delivers software solutions to support clinicians in delivering efficient and optimal care to their patients. This includes many niche software applications that are not included in large EHR solutions. Our staff combines clinicians with over 80 years of healthcare experience and cutting edge programmers. Because of low overhead we are able to offer our software at reasonable prices. Our programmers work directly with clients and in-house clinicians to create the exact application the healthcare provider needs in a short period of time.

All of our software solutions are created with the healthcare provider and patient in mind. The goal of our team is to provide a tool to the clinician that enables them to provide better and more efficient care for each of their patients. If the solution makes it more time consuming or introduces any safety concerns into the workflow, then we have failed. Our in-house team has worked in direct patient care and fully tests our products from the end users perspective to ensure a quick and intuitive solution that empowers the user, not burdens them.

Interface capabilities are crucial for Health Information Exchange (HIE). All of our solutions can accept and send data between systems. HL-7, XML, NCPDP, and ANSI standards are all supported in our applications. In addition, strict HIPAA standards are followed to ensure patient privacy.

Our clients include large academic teaching centers, small community hospitals, international hospitals, government, and the pharmaceutical industry. Scale and project scope are reflected in the price of the software, but never the quality. Quality solutions are paramount regardless of the size of the project. The goal of our team is for clients to be happy. Healthcare is a very stressful environment and tools that make it safer and easier to achieve positive patient outcomes are what we strive to deliver.


Our Solutions

  CS Manager

CS Manager© is a suite of perpetual inventory management applications customized to various verticals and their specific needs for controlled substance inventory management. With the overuse and diversion abuses that have fired an opioid epidemic, there is tighter control and record keeping regulations around controlled substances. Our versions of CS Manager help focus workflow to meet the different demands for all stakeholders tasked with this responsibility. These stakeholders include: 1) Retail Pharmacies, 2) Inpatient Pharmacies, 3) Veterinary Clinics, and 4) Dental and Physician Offices.

  Inventory Assistant

Inventory Assistant© helps manage drug disposition in Community Health Centers and Federally Qualified Health Centers. As part of grant requirements for FQHCs, lot number and expiration date must be recorded for all drugs administered or dispensed within a health center. This is extremely onerous using a manual log book and a huge undertaking in the event of an audit or drug recall. Inventory Assistant© mitigates these issues with easy drug disposition entry, 340B inventory status tracking and efficient reporting.

  Nutrition Assistant

Nutrition Assistant© is a clinical suite of modules tailored to help providers create Parenteral Nutrition (PN) orders for distinct patient age groups. The modules use over 100 clinical algorithms to ensure appropriate, compatible solutions are written and errors are addressed in a prospective manner. The modules are designed to deliver the optimum parenteral feeding for each patient age group whether neonate, pediatric, or adult.

  Repack Assistant

Repack Assistant© is a program tailored to meet the compliance and tracking needs for the repackaging of prescription medications in an outpatient retail pharmacy environment. The application is ideal for pharmacies that are tasked with repackaging prescriptions for nursing homes, long term care facilities, homeless patient distribution programs, or any other patient population that requires a repackaged prescription. The program tracks all necessary data elements required to meet compliance regulations for such activity.

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