CS Manager

CS Manager© is a suite of perpetual inventory management applications customized to various verticals and their specific needs for controlled substance inventory management. With the overuse and diversion abuses that have fired an opioid epidemic, there is tighter control and record keeping regulations around controlled substances. Our versions of CS Manager help focus workflow to meet the different demands for all stakeholders tasked with this responsibility. These stakeholders include: 1) Retail Pharmacies, 2) Inpatient Pharmacies, 3) Veterinary Clinics, and 4) Dental and Physician Offices.

The Challenges of Manual CS Record Keeping

Since the movement of all hydrocodone products to a CII designation, many ambulatory pharmacies are filling between 25-50% more CII’s than before. When the change happened in October 2014, hydrocodone containing medications were the most prescribed medications in the U.S. and as a result CII volumes and related workflows have gone up considerably. The processing of a CII prescription is longer than non-inventories drugs. Because these prescriptions take longer, a dramatic shift in volume or percentages of these types of prescriptions can and do adversely affect the pharmacy’s workflow efficiencies.

Legibility Errors

A problem with handwritten inventory logs is that the transactions are usually performed in haste and can be difficult to read. The pharmacist entering the transaction must subtract or add their transaction count based off of a number from a previous transaction that can be difficult to read. The legibility of the transaction is critical for the correct calculations of receipt and dispensation. In addition, the logs must be easy to follow in the event of a DPS or DEA audit. If the Rx Number of the prescription that the drug is used on is logged in the book with an illegible number, an audit trail would be in question. This is a common problem found in controlled substance audits.

Calculation Errors

Manual calculations are also prone to mistakes. The pharmacist subtracting the values in the log books are usually multitasking and can either make a simple math mistake, log on the wrong page, or forget to enter the transaction. Either way, when an inventory count is done comparing the book count with the actual inventory, the two counts will not match and a time intensive audit must be performed to identify and correct the error. These audits can take up to 30 minutes of valuable pharmacist time and are workflow nightmares. The following image is a real life example of a CII inventory sheet in a thick binder with many years’ worth of transactions. It highlights both difficult legibility, calculation errors, and at least one time consuming audit to rectify the count.


One of the biggest drawbacks with handwritten manual logs is that they are time consuming and negatively affect workflow. Busy pharmacists cringe when they are presented a CII prescription. This is because it will take additional time to read, decipher, and log the transaction as well as the additional counting requirements that come with a perpetual inventory drug. The average time to log a CII prescription varies from 1 minute to 1 minute and 45 seconds depending on the size and orderliness of the log book. Specific data elements from the transaction must be logged for each one done. For dispensations, these usually include the Drug, Rx Number, Quantity, Date of Transaction, and optionally Patient information. For receipt of drugs from a wholesaler, the Drug, Quantity, 222C number, Invoice Number, and Date of Receipt are logged by hand in the book. In a busy pharmacy, these log books can become very large and difficult to sort through based on sheer weight.

CS Manager Rx

CS Manager Rx© is a perpetual inventory management application designed to help retail pharmacy personnel keep accurate records for controlled substance transactions while improving workflow for that record keeping.

CS Manager Veterinary

CS Manager Veterinary© is a perpetual inventory management application designed to help veterinary offices keep accurate records for controlled substance transactions for the animals under their care.

CS Manager Inpatient

CS Manager Inpatient© is a perpetual inventory management application designed to help hospital pharmacies keep accurate records for controlled substance transactions from receipt to disposition for all controlled drugs. The software can produce disposition sheets for nurse sign out or interface with automated dispensing cabinets. CS Manager Inpatient© will create an audit trail that will meet all legal requirements for controlled substance dispensation, inventory control, and receipt within a hospital setting. The requirements include those set forth by both the DPS and DEA agencies.

CS Manager Dental or Physician

CS Manager© for dental or physician offices is a perpetual inventory management application designed to help providers keep accurate records for controlled substance transactions administered in their practice settings. The application is priced to make record keeping affordable without having to deal with the headaches of a manual record keeping system.

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